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Copy of Untitled (2).jpg If you have read any of the articles posted on the AirbnbBabes blog, you might notice that our content is filled to the brim with concrete tips and actionable strategies that are proven to give hosts REAL results.

At AirbnbBabes, we are Superhosts ourselves, so we know that an Airbnb host’s time is valuable.  So why waste it by messing around and experimenting extra amenities and listing tweaks, only to get the same 4 star reviews and mediocre occupancy? If you’re a host, you want what we ALL want – consistent 5 star reviews, with routinely high occupancy rates priced in the upper 10% our market.

Luckily for you, we can help you achieve all of this and more…to get started, tap the link to sign up for our 9-Day Superhost Course! 

I respect your time, and so I promise that this course contains ONLY the efficient strategies you need, that are proven to actually move the needle towards financial freedom….

This is my NO FLUFF promise to you!

This Superhost Challenge contains none of the why, but ALL of the how!

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What You'll Learn...

Plus, you’ll receive:

  • over 7 hours of video
  • a 72-page course workbook filled with checklists, charts, visuals, and places to take notes as you follow along
  • scripts and templates proven to be the best way to communicate with your guests
  • and, for a limited time, a FREE 1:1 consultation with the AirbnbBabes (a $150 value!!!)

If taking the course gets you ONE extra booking this year – then it’s already paid for itself.

I’ve hosted thousands of guests, cohosted for over 20 local clients, and have been a Superhost for over 4 years.  I put in the work for you, experimenting with different amenities and listing descriptions, building on what showed results, and losing the tweaks that didn’t take.  I was only interested in the minimum amount of time and money that it took to get the maximum return – the optimal hosting strategies designed to make my life easier, while still delivering a quality Airbnb experience.

Why am I giving away my secrets?  Quite simply, I’ve reached the practical limits of how many properties I can balance as an Airbnb host without sacrificing quality. So I’ve decided to pass along my knowledge to you, my readers.  After all, a rising tide lifts all boats! When guests have great experiences on Airbnb, they will book again, and then tell their friends…solidifying the popularity of the platform, allowing me to raise the rates on my own listing! It’s really a win-win-win.  

So what are you waiting for?

Invest in your business, and invest in yourself (hey, it’s most likely even tax deductible!).  Because you sooner you learn my secrets, the sooner you can retire.

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