How to Screen your Airbnb Guests Part 3: The 5 Messages that Discourage Bad Guests from Booking

Add a heading (43)Welcome to the third part of our Airbnb guest screening series – The 5 Messages that Discourage Bad Guests from Booking.

The first two parts of the series outline the 9 Warning Signs of Airbnb Guests and the 7 Steps of Due Diligence.  If you haven’t read up on these yet, click the titles to check them out.

The third part of guest screening comes into play after you have been hosting for a while.  When you’re a newer host, it can be tricky to spot the guests that might cause damage or break house rules – so I suggest using the 7 Steps of Due Diligence whenever you are feeling unsure about accepting an inquiry. Continue reading “How to Screen your Airbnb Guests Part 3: The 5 Messages that Discourage Bad Guests from Booking”

How to Screen Airbnb Guests Part 2

In a previous article, we discussed the 9 Red Flags of Airbnb Guests – not that you should decline a guest for having any of the warning signs, but you should take that as an indication that you need to pay attention.

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But what happens if a potential Airbnb guest only triggers one red flag?  Or maybe they pass all of your criteria, but for some reason you still feel uneasy about hosting them?

That’s when you need to dig for more information.

Although this may seem like a daunting task, there are efficient ways to gather this data so you can make an informed decision, protecting your family and investments as best as you can.

How to Screen your Airbnb Guests Part 2

If you are unsure about whether to accept a guest or not, all it takes is a few minutes to gather some more information about the guest.

Follow our 7 due diligence steps below, and you will have enough facts to feel comfortable about making a decision to decline or accept these potential guests.

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7 Steps of Due Diligence

1. Check Reviews

This is the easiest way to weed out potential troublemakers, and also the most effective.  After all, this is what Airbnb’s review system was made for.

Just click on the round icon by their name (where their profile picture will eventually appear), and you will be able to see the guest’s verifications and previous reviews.Add a heading (32).jpg

Read through the reviews, but read with a careful eye…hosts often feel uncomfortable leaving a negative review, even if the guest was truly awful.  That means that future hosts must read between the lines to get the full story.

For example….”This guest is probably better suited to a hotel” signals a high maintenance guest.  Or, “This guest needed to be reminded about our house rules” indicates that you might be better off declining.

Be sure to check the number of reviews vs the number of host recommendations. If they match, that’s a great sign! If they have 10 reviews and only 3 host recommendations – definitely trouble.

2. Engage

But what if the guest doesn’t have any reviews, or is new to Airbnb?

Add a heading (33)The next best way to get a feel for future guests is by examining their messages and interacting with them yourself.  Look at their introductory message…does it seem relatively normal? Did it answer your pre-booking questions?

Ask them some friendly questions about their upcoming trip – have they been to your town before? What are they most looking forward to during their stay?

This tactic accomplishes two things:

1. Asking pleasant, broad questions will paint you as an extra attentive host.  While you are chatting, make some connections with the guest.  Recommend your favorite place to eat, or see if you have anything in common.  Doing this increases your likability, and makes you seem like a real person (instead of just a stranger on the internet).  Guests who have things in common with their hosts and can relate to them are more likely to give you 5 stars.

2. Engaging with the guest via the message thread will give you a better indication of their overall personality and reason for their stay, giving you more information to use when making your decision. Even though the communication happens via an app, you can get a surprisingly accurate read on people!

3. Ask Specifics

If their messages remain a bit on the vague side, they are either hiding something or genuinely don’t get that you are trying to learn more about them.  Ask them direct questions about their trip, such as how many people are staying, when they will be arriving, the purpose of their trip, and how they will be getting to your place.  Make it clear that you aren’t trying to be nosey (even though we totally are!), by blaming things on insurance requirements.

For example, “Our insurance requires that we ask all guests how many people will be Add a heading (34)staying on the property, and their relationship to the primary guest.  If you could provide that information for us, that would help us out a lot, thanks!”

You can also pry for details because you “want to give them the best possible experience”.  For example, “We like to know how guests are arriving and about what time they will be there, that way we can provide accurate directions to the listing and be sure to keep a lookout for messages in case you have any issues checking in!”

Some guests don’t understand that you want real answers – directly asking the guest puts them on the spot and is more difficult to dance around.  Although it may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first, assure the guest that the questions are coming from a good place.  Not that you don’t trust them…you just want to make their stay as convenient as possible!

4. Airbnb profile

If you still can’t get a feel for their intentions after messaging  with them, or maybe their messages brought up more red flags, it’s time to go into sleuth mode.

Check their Airbnb profile to get some identifying information, such as their name, location, school, etc.

If their Airbnb profile isn’t filled out, just politely ask the guest to do so.

For example, “We like to get to know about the guests who stay with us – it helps us give you a better experience in our town! If you could take a few minutes and please fill out your Airbnb profile, that would be great.”

5. Google

After you get the necessary personal information from the Airbnb profile, it’s time to pull out that Sherlock Holmes hat and do some lite cyber stalking.  Start by typing their name and location into Google, and see what pops up!

One Google search of a potential guest showed that he was arrested the previous year in connection with child pornography. Yikes!

6. Social Media

If you can’t find anything – I mean, how many Amy Johnsons can there be in NYC – the next step is to search the main social media sites.  By “main”, I mean the typical Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  Many social media profiles are set to private, which would limit the amount of access you have to their profile.  However, you can still get some valuable information.  Are they doing something dangerous or illegal in their profile picture? Do they have tons of political or offensive “joke” posts? Might want to rethinking that booking.

7. Personal check-in

Add a heading (35)If you complete the steps above and still are unsure…it’s time to pull out the big guns! Tell them you are going to meet them at some point on their first night to show them around the property.  This will either put your mind at ease, or you know you need to call Airbnb and get them out ASAP.  You can also tell a lot by the way they react to this request.  Hopefully they welcome the idea of a personal check-in from their host, or at the very least they don’t seem put off by it.  But if they refuse to meet you, or are weird about letting you onto your own property – definitely suspicious.


We have hosted plenty of people with incomplete profiles that end up being great guests!  However, when we see an inquiry from a profile like this pop up – created the same day they booked and with the minimum number of verifications…

Screen Shot 2018-09-08 at 7.11.45 PM

It is completely within your right to be slightly suspicious.  After learning more about them and their plans, we decided host them anyway – and they ended up being wonderful guests.

While no system is 100% foolproof, these red flags and steps of due diligence work together to give you the best possible picture of potential guests.

Above all, listen to your gut, and don’t be afraid to decline or cancel.

The biggest times we have had issues with guests is when I thought, “Well, I wouldn’t normally let them book, but ________ (insert excuse here – it’s slow season, it’s not going to get booked, we need a new fridge, etc)”.

While you do not want to cancel too often, you don’t automatically get a penalty for Above all, listen to your gut and don't be afraid to cancel!canceling an instant book. Be prepared to justify the cancellation with a good reason, and be careful not to make it a pattern.  To prepare for when you DO have to inevitably cancel an instant booking, you should pre-approve inquiries whenever possible.  If someone messages and requests dates that are already booked, or asks to bring a pet when you tell them they can’t, tell them no in the message but approve their inquiry anyway.  Save your denials and cancellations for times when you really need them.

Airbnb is based on trust, and unfortunately there are people out there who will violate that trust.  If you do happen to get a guest that causes damage or breaks your house rules, collect photographic evidence and alert Airbnb immediately – and then be ready to file for Airbnb’s million dollar host guarantee.

My Post (77)

We had our fair share of rookie mistakes – one of them being that I didn’t listen to my gut.

If you are dealing with major guest damages, or want to be prepared if it ever does happen, check out this article for exactly what to expect from the Airbnb host insurance.


How to Screen Airbnb Guests

Add a heading (3)98% Airbnb guests are awesome.  We’ve made some great friends, learned about other cultures, and have been able to share the love for our city with other travelers.

Unfortunately, these happy types of stories aren’t what you hear on the news. Instead, the world focuses on the other 2% of guests that throw parties, lights their house on fire, and/or get the police called on them.

Although these horror stories aren’t nearly as common as the news would have you believe, they do still happen.  In fact, you will encounter many inquiries from those 2% during your Airbnb hosting career.  How you deal with these inquiries…well, that indicates just how long your hosting career will last. Continue reading “How to Screen Airbnb Guests”

How to Write the Perfect Airbnb Title in 3 Easy Steps: Write a Catchy Hook that Turns Browsers into Bookers!

Wal & Joe Weddings (2)You are almost ready to publish your FIRST Airbnb listing…you’ve picked a 5-star location, narrowed down your target audiences, and have spent countless hours of research to ensure your vacation rental has all of the style and amenities that will make guests happy and keep them coming back.

You’ve crafted a perfect guidebook, with all the needed house instructions and thoughtful host recommendations.

You’ve studied various marketing techniques, including how to take great pictures and write a perfect summary and description.

But all of that effort will amount to zip, unless you tie it all together with the PERFECT Airbnb title. Continue reading “How to Write the Perfect Airbnb Title in 3 Easy Steps: Write a Catchy Hook that Turns Browsers into Bookers!”

What to Say when an Airbnb Guest Asks to Change their Reservation Date

airbnb guest scam tipsBefore we begin, a little bit about Airbnb’s cancellation policies….Airbnb has 3 official cancellation policies: strict, moderate, and flexible.   Strict means that guests won’t be refunded no matter when they cancel, moderate means guests will be refunded if they cancel before 5 days of check-in, and flexible means they will be refunded if they cancel 24 hours before check-in.  We currently have the moderate cancellation policy, which I feel is pretty fair.

Airbnb has some additional rules about cancellation, including:

All guests have a 48 hour grace period, where they will be fully refunded if they cancel (as long as the booking itself isn’t within that timeframe). Continue reading “What to Say when an Airbnb Guest Asks to Change their Reservation Date”

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We have added a new member to our collection of hosting eBooks! Introducing, “Nowhere to Go but Up…How to Instantly Improve your Airbnb Search Ranking.”

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Designed for intermediate hosts, who want to revamp their listing and increase their search ranking to maximize their business revenue as they bring their hosting skills up to the next level.  This is a step by step guide to the exact tricks the pros use to keep their listings at the top of the Airbnb charts.

It includes advice on Airbnb photography, amenity solutions, as well as more advanced marketing and copywriting techniques.

For information on this and our other eBook offerings, click HERE

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Kitchen Storage and Listing Tweaks: What I Learned from the #1 Ranked Airbnb Listing in my Market

Kitchen Storage and Listing Tweaks_ What I Learned from the #1 Ranked Airbnb Listing in my MarketAbout once a quarter, I like to sit down and go through all of my competition.  This means that I open up an incognito browser, type my city into, and make note of where my listings fall.

All 3 were in the top 20, and I was pretty ok with that (although it could be better). Unfortunately, our client’s was 47th, which is not ideal at all.  Whenever one of our client’s listings isn’t doing as well as it should, I immediately start implementing strategies to jump start their ranking (I wrote an article going into detail on each of those strategies, click on this link to read – How to jumpstart your search ranking) Continue reading “Kitchen Storage and Listing Tweaks: What I Learned from the #1 Ranked Airbnb Listing in my Market”

5 Ways to Save Money Furnishing your Airbnb, Plus Where you Should Splurge

5 ways to save money furnishing your airbnbAre you looking for ways to start an Airbnb out of your home, but are discouraged by the potential start up costs? I recently ran across a popular blog post where the author suggested budgeting over $5,000 for JUST the master bedroom.  Conveniently, many of those expensive items were from her own brand – “buy a $1,300 mattress from me! Check out these throw pillows I designed for $150 a piece!” Yikes.

I am here to tell you that you absolutely do NOT need to invest five grand in one bedroom.  If spent wisely, five grand could easily cover the whole house! You just have to be strategic about how you spend it, and put a bit of time and effort into finding deals.  Continue reading “5 Ways to Save Money Furnishing your Airbnb, Plus Where you Should Splurge”

5 Steps to Instantly Increase your Search Rank and Placement on Airbnb

img_0700.jpgRecent research done by Airbnb says that browsing travelers look at an average of 12 properties before finalizing their booking.

While that’s an interesting stat…what exactly does this mean for hosts?

It means that people are spending way less time on Airbnb than experts previously thought.  If your listing isn’t ranked in the top 12, your chances of getting booked trend significantly downward.

The actual search algorithm is a closely guarded secret, but Airbnb has helped hosts out by confirming that those 100 factors fit into three main categories: guest needs, listing details and trip details.  They also confirmed that by providing consistent quality hosting, you will naturally get moved up through the rankings. Continue reading “5 Steps to Instantly Increase your Search Rank and Placement on Airbnb”

The best type of coffee maker you should buy for your Airbnb guests

My Post (86)The great Airbnb Coffee Debate: Keurig vs. Drip..

When setting up an Airbnb business, be prepared for a lot decision making.  When I first started, I had a ton of questions –  everything from what color should I paint the walls, to where should we store extra light bulbs?  I wanted to make sure that I did everything right, so that I could get the best return on my investment as possible.  However, there was one questions I couldn’t find the answer to: “What kind of coffee  maker should I buy for my Airbnb or vacation rental home?” Continue reading “The best type of coffee maker you should buy for your Airbnb guests”

Announcing the 9-Days to Superhost Course

Copy of Untitled (2)After working 9 months to put this 9-Days to  Superhost Course together…it is finally done!!! A ton of research went into the making of this course, along with copious amounts of my own blood, sweat, and tears, ya’ll.

I’m not gonna lie…it’s scary putting yourself on video (and then agonizing having to watch it…and then rewatch it…ugh….) But let me tell you, it was worth it! I am so proud of myself and my team, and I am confident we have created a course that will help other hosts and my blog readers all over the world.

The Superhost Challenge is made up of 9 modules: Superhost Basics, Accuracy, Check-In, Cleanliness, Communication, Location, Value 1, Value 2, and Overall Experience.  Each module goes into detail on how to increase your star rating of that specific rating category.  There are questions prior to the video to warm up your brain and get you thinking, anywhere from 2-5 videos (depending on the amount of content we need to cover) with important, relevant information on HOW to increase your star rating for this particular category, a step by step plan so you know what actions to take to move forward, and homework designed to introduce you to a community of like minded hosts you can turn to for support in the future.  It comes with a 72 page course workbook so you can take notes as you follow along, and worksheets to help you plan out your specific next steps. Continue reading “Announcing the 9-Days to Superhost Course”

Airbnb Hosting Hacks

For those of you that are more visual learners, I have compiled a list of all my favorite Airbnb Hosting Hacks to make your journey to Superhost that much smoother.  I’ll be updating this frequently, so be sure and bookmark this page to keep updated! Continue reading “Airbnb Hosting Hacks”

Airbnb Photography 101: 7 Steps to Winning Airbnb Photos

airbnb photographyThe world is becoming more and more visual.

Even if you spend hours crafting the perfect Airbnb description, that doesn’t mean everyone will take the time to read it….in fact, only 20% of your guests will read your entire listing.

But your pictures? Everyone looks at your pictures.  It’s what draws in your potential customers, it’s what convinces them to click and learn more. Airbnb’s formatting allows browsing guests to see 2-3 pictures at a time, so winning photos are essential to your listing’s success.

Here are the top 7 tips for how to take great pictures for your Airbnb.  If you are getting professional photographs taken, read on to discover that will help you get the most out of those photos.

Continue reading “Airbnb Photography 101: 7 Steps to Winning Airbnb Photos”

What to do when an Airbnb guest causes major damage to your home

My Post (77)It’s every host’s worst nightmare…

You get a phone call from a guest, saying that there has been an accident.  With major damage – major enough that you can’t rent it out until it’s fixed.

What should a host do when a guest causes major damage to their home?

If you are a host who found this article because they are in this situation and frantically searching for advice, don’t worry.  You are on the right track. This article will tell you exactly what you need to know if your vacation rental guest has damaged your property. Continue reading “What to do when an Airbnb guest causes major damage to your home”

11 Product Recommendations that will Help you become a Superhost

Copy of Copy of What to buy to help you become a Superhost (1)If you are wondering, what is the easiest way to be a Superhost? Or, what products can I buy that will help make me a Superhost? Or, what do I need to buy for an Airbnb?

Well, you have come to the right place.  Although being a Superhost is about more than just buying some products, these strategically selected products will greatly help your chances of reaching Superhost Status.  If you haven’t already check out our Ultimate Airbnb Shopping Checklist, read it, and then add the items below to your list. Continue reading “11 Product Recommendations that will Help you become a Superhost”

5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Business with your Spouse

My Post (37)Starting a business is hard.  Being married is hard.

Doing both? Well, let’s just say it is no surprise to me that entrepreneurs have the highest percentage of divorce rates.

Do you host with your spouse? I host with mine, and I can tell you that we struggle sometimes.  It’s easy to lose sight of our relationship and get caught up in everything hosting.  So, I did some research and spoke with some experts to gather a list of ways to keep your spouse, business, and sanity in balance. Continue reading “5 Tips on How to Run a Successful Business with your Spouse”

3 ways to beat host fatigue

Copy of Guess what_

With the new year upon us, everyone is making resolutions about how they are going to grow their Airbnb business and be the best Superhosts ever!

And then right around mid-February, it strikes…host fatigue.

Starting the new year with plans and intentions is great, but sometimes you need to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.

This includes your Airbnb guests.

Continue reading “3 ways to beat host fatigue”

5 Nights as an Airbnb Guest, and what I learned

What I learned from 5 nights of being an Airbnb guestI never understood why some of our worst guests were other Airbnb hosts.  You would think that the hosting community would be more understanding, especially since they know the power of a 4 star review.  Unfortunately, that is not usually the case.  Traveling hosts tend to be pickier, and not leave as good of reviews.

I want to preface this article by saying that I have always been a low maintenance traveler, and am pretty happy with just the basics… I’ve been in hostels all over the world with varying standards of comfort and cleanliness at all sorts of price points.  I’ve been hosting for over 3 years as a Superhost on Airbnb, and I’m a vacation rental consultant for other hosts.  So, I feel like I have a good idea of how to create a meaningful guest experience. Continue reading “5 Nights as an Airbnb Guest, and what I learned”

How to Make a Pet Welcome Basket for Under $10

airbnb pet friendly ideaAs an Airbnb host, you work hard to give every guest a 5-star experience.  But what happens when this isn’t enough to keep your listings booked through the slow season? Unfortunately, there are very few vacation rentals that are blessed with a year-round tourist destination. For most of us,  there is a busy season…and a slow season.  During the busy season, a host can skate by at 80-90% occupancy, however the slow season can put even a great host out of business.

You need to employ additional strategies to keep your occupancy rates high during the off season, such as selecting a few specific target audiences to cater your amenities and marketing to. One of the fastest growing niches is traveling pet owners. Continue reading “How to Make a Pet Welcome Basket for Under $10”

5 Marketing Strategies for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals


5 Marketing Strategies for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Airbnb is a powerful tool that will catapult you into financial independence, if you know the most effective strategies to use it.  To receive the highest return on your investment, my clients focus on increasing both their occupancy and their nightly rate.  One of the most effective ways to do this is by strategically targeting niche audiences, and build up a loyal customer base.

It’s a well-known fact that you can’t please everyone.  By narrowing your demographic to a few strategically selected groups of people, you can focus on providing high-quality amenities and services that will be far superior to any other vacation rental in your area.  Continue reading “5 Marketing Strategies for Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals”

3 Strategies to Make your Airbnb listing Pet Perfect

Copy of Text placeholder (12)People are increasingly traveling with their pets – in fact over 3 million people annually are bringing their pets along for their traveling adventures.  Couple that increase with the small percentage of Airbnbs that are animal friendly, and you have the makings for a real money making opportunity.  Besides having an increase in bookings and visibility, you will also be able to charge higher rates for pet fees, and are covered in the case of any animal related damage.  So how does a savvy Airbnb host capitalize on this pet opportunity?

Easy – you need to make your property the best option for pet owners traveling to your area. Continue reading “3 Strategies to Make your Airbnb listing Pet Perfect”

5 steps to building a website for your Airbnb property, using a free WordPress theme

how to build a free website easy for your vacation rental“How do I start a website for my Airbnb property?”

“Should I have a separate website for my Airbnb property?”

I get asked these questions all the time, and my recommendation depends on where you are in your hosting journey: if you are just getting started, you don’t need the extra expense and time investment of your own website.  Instead, focus on your social media game, which is free and something you probably already know how to do.

An additional website is for more experienced hosts, who are serious about growing their Airbnb business.   Once you have crossed over from paying the mortgage to making a profit, you should be reinvesting in advertising and marketing to grow your business. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is through a website.  You can use a website to advertise your cohosting services, multiple properties, or to start generating your own bookings. Continue reading “5 steps to building a website for your Airbnb property, using a free WordPress theme”

Everything you need to inexpensively Furnish your Bedroom for Airbnb (for under $750)

Copy of End TableContrary to what other Airbnb gurus might tell you, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune setting up your Airbnb.  There are ways to cheaply furnish and set up an Airbnb bedroom, without skimping on quality and style! Continue reading “Everything you need to inexpensively Furnish your Bedroom for Airbnb (for under $750)”

Comforter and sheet Black Friday discounts for Airbnb hosts

We use zulily for all of our sheets and comforters. Right now it’s an amazing deal, under $18 for queen size comforters and free shipping over $49 for Airbnb babes readers! Copy and past the link below for discount.

11 Easy Ideas for What to put in an Airbnb Welcome Basket

airbnb welcome basket ideas.jpgThe secret to getting 5 star reviews? Making your guests feel special.

Airbnb hosts are now required to supply the essential amenities to all guests: toilet paper, towels, soap, and linens.  An easy way to take your hospitality to the next level is with the addition of a welcome basket.

Most hosts have heard this idea before, but it can be difficult to know where to start.  You want items that are inexpensive, universally appealing, and easy to restock during turnovers.  Through trial and error with my own guests, I have compiled a list of 11 items for your Airbnb welcome basket that are guaranteed to give you the biggest bang for your buck. Continue reading “11 Easy Ideas for What to put in an Airbnb Welcome Basket”

7 Photos that Increase your Bookings on Airbnb


We have all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  To Airbnb hosts, it’s more true that, “A picture is worth a thousand dollars!”

Potential guests decide whether to read through your description based on your listing photos and title.  This means that the pictures you post can make or break your Airbnb business.  While most hosts complete the minimum number of listing pictures, you can will stand above the crowd by including a few unique photos your competition haven’t considered.

In addition to the standard room shots, you should showcase your additional amenities and show your future customers why you are the right choice for their vacation.
Continue reading “7 Photos that Increase your Bookings on Airbnb”

Airbnb Marketing Tool that Doubles as a Welcome Gift

The Modern Man's Essential Grooming KitAlthough there are ways to cut costs when starting your Airbnb business, you will still end up investing a lot of time and money to set up your property.  Furnishings, repairs, upgrades…there are a lot of things to consider at the beginning.  What few beginning Airbnb hosts realize is that marketing is just as important as furnishings, and deserves it’s own investment of your time and savings.

Luckily, there are ways to market effectively.  Effective marketing strategies will help increase your occupancy and revenue while making optimal use of your resources.  Ultimately – “Work smarter, not harder!” Continue reading “Airbnb Marketing Tool that Doubles as a Welcome Gift”

Why Every Airbnb Host Should Have a Guestbook

free tax todaySome Airbnb hosts wonder if a guestbook is worth the additional upfront investment and trouble.  First you have to buy the book, and then during turnovers you have to take time to ensure there are enough working pens, and that the previous guest didn’t write anything bad.

We have found that the guestbook is very much worth the trouble! While some guests do use it as more of a “suggestion” book, we just rip those sections out and it’s good to go.  Continue reading “Why Every Airbnb Host Should Have a Guestbook”

7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Vacation Rental

Need to add some Curb appeal - fast_

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  This is so important, especially when it comes to your Airbnb guests. When they roll up to your property, what do they see? A dilapidated house with peeling paint and dead grass, or a cheerful, well-manicured lawn with bright pops of colorful flowers and greenery?

People are going to pay more AND book more often if your house has strong curb appeal.  But the good news is, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars before you see the benefits.  There are a few strategic, low-cost and upgrades that can help you dramatically increase your Airbnb revenue, without cutting too much into your profits. Continue reading “7 Cheap and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Vacation Rental”