About Us

Welcome toMy name is Jenessa, and my wife and I have been Airbnb Superhosts for over 3 years.

What started out as a fun side hustle has turned into our ticket to financial independence.  When we first began hosting, we made a LOT of mistakes that cost us a lot of unnecessary time and money.   It was also very lonely – my family thought we were crazy for letting strangers into our house, and none of our friends understood the highs and lows that come with hosting.  We originally started this blog so that other hosts can learn from our mistakes, but it has grown into something much more.  We are building a community for hosts that will be there for support, questions, and celebrations.

Airbnb has completely changed our lives, and has allowed us to focus on things that truly matter to us.  I still teach special education, but I can now focus on my job without worrying about stretching my teacher salary to provide for my family.  And I don’t feel guilty about buying my students school supplies anymore!  My wife is a chef, and with the passive income form Airbnb she can now live her dream – she is opening up a restaurant in a few months.

When we aren’t busy hosting or working on our various passion projects, we love to travel the world with our two pupsters, Jameson and Ginger.  We are avid campers, and love nature, hiking, and s’mores.  Thank you so much for coming to our site.  We hope that you will find something useful!

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