Everything you need to inexpensively Furnish your Bedroom for Airbnb (for under $750)

Copy of End TableContrary to what other Airbnb gurus might tell you, it’s not necessary to spend a fortune setting up your Airbnb.  There are ways to cheaply furnish and set up an Airbnb bedroom, without skimping on quality and style!

This is a real picture from one of our listings, and the items are all new and available on Amazon Prime. A couple clicks later, they showed up at the doorstep to our new property and took less than a day to assemble. Of course you can save money by shopping around thrift stores and Craigslist free, but who has time for that?

Our theme for this house is mid-century modern, and Amazon had everything that we needed to keep it within the style without going overboard.  The guests rave about our mattress, which we advertise as “premium memory foam”…nobody has to know that we spent less than $300 for a queen! By buying the platform bed frame, you skip the added cost of a boxspring.

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