7 Photos that Increase your Bookings on Airbnb


We have all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  To Airbnb hosts, it’s more true that, “A picture is worth a thousand dollars!”

Potential guests decide whether to read through your description based on your listing photos and title.  This means that the pictures you post can make or break your Airbnb business.  While most hosts complete the minimum number of listing pictures, you can will stand above the crowd by including a few unique photos your competition haven’t considered.

In addition to the standard room shots, you should showcase your additional amenities and show your future customers why you are the right choice for their vacation.

The 7 Photos to Add to Your Airbnb listing:

  1. Target Audience Amenities
  2. Basic Amenities
  3. Welcome Basket
  4. Guestbook
  5. Screenshots of your fast wifi
  6. Screen shot of your hostfully guidebook
  7. Things around your Neighborhood

1. Target Audience Amenities

(If you haven’t determined your target audiences, pause for a second and take a look at this post.)

Once you have identified your target audiences and their preferred amenities, make sure they are easily accessible and aesthetically arranged within the house.  You have already invested the time and money into these extra amenities, now is their time to shine!

Some examples are: a business corner with a desk, printer, and office supplies, children’s area with toys and books, large backyard with dog toys, the cot or sleeper sofa pulled out and set up, or a decked out coffee bar area.


Kid’s shelf with toys
Work Desk Aea

You have gone through the trouble of identifying and purchasing your target audience’s desired amenities.  Make sure you showcase that hard work in your listing.

2. Basic Amenities

Although Airbnb does have an amenities checklist,  experienced hosts know that most guests won’t read your entire listing.  Of course, there is no guarantee the guests will look through the pictures, either – but this at least puts your amenities in two different listing locations.  This also will save you time, because guests can easily see that you have thought of everything, instead of messaging you a bunch of questions.

filip-mroz-220805-unsplash (1)
An iron and ironing board are essential amenities for business and wedding travelers
Laundry availability is great for people on extended trips, and families.
Your guests will be relived they don’t have to bother packing shower supplies

When done right, basic amenities are anything but boring.  This is a chance for you to create a story, one where your guests can picture themselves as characters.  Including these touches also shows that you are thinking ahead to anticipate their needs.

3. Welcome Basket

You don’t need an elaborate gift arrangement to make your guests feel welcome.  However, a simple tray or basket with snacks, water bottles, and maps immediately tells your guests that they are special.  You can put together something small for a minimal cost per stay.

Buy snacks in bulk to make it even more cost effective

This little freebie might be the push a guest needs to click, “Book now”.

4. Guestbook

Every Airbnb host should have a guestbook.  It not only gives your guests an opportunity to feel connected with you, but they feel connected to the community of all the people who have stayed before them.  People want to feel they are in the majority, so reading your guestbook full of positive comments is a gentle social nudge for them to feel the same.  Our guestbook is full of stories, compliments, and even a few recommendations.


We include shots of our actual guestbook.  It’s one thing to see a 5 star review on your Airbnb site, but it’s another level to see a guest take the time to do a handwritten one.  It shows future guests that we are worth booking.

5. Screenshots of your Fast Wifi

Wifi has become a necessity, probably preferred above sheets.  And it had better be fast Wifi, too – able to handle multiple streaming devices.  Business travelers need to be able to work and have conference calls, and families need to be able to entertain their kids.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 9.26.41 PM

Just go to google and search for internet speed test.  It will conduct one for you right there, and then you can take a screenshot and post it.

6. Screenshots of Your Hostfully Guidebook

Having an electronic guidebook has been a huge plus for our guests.  Because it is a newer feature, some guests don’t know what a great addition it is.  By posting a screenshot of your guidebook, guests will know what to use it for.  It’s another bonus that sets you apart from your competition.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 9.10.57 PM

The map feature also shows where your listing is in comparison to your local recommendations.

7. Pictures of things around your neighborhood

Some Airbnb hosts will post pictures of famous landmarks from their cities.  I never really understood that…I’m going to New York, of course I already know the Statue of Liberty is there (I don’t need a picture of it).  These pictures should be things that make up the everyday fabric of your neighborhood.  For example, future guests will be thrilled with the convenience of a grocery store across the street.

Include unique neighborhood businesses, such as book stores, cafes, and bars.
No matter how much your guests plan to eat out, they will appreciate knowing there is a grocery store nearby
They really are everywhere!

Pictures of your local amenities helps your guests realize what a great location your Airbnb is in, and will also help them recognize their surrounds when they first arrive.  This will directly help you in both your check-in and location star ratings.


People are much more likely to look at your pictures then they are to read your listing.  In fact, a strong photo game is what makes a guest click for more in the first place. Take advantage of the unlimited picture slots Airbnb gives you, and post images of your unique amenities and location.  These are also great images to share on your social media pages.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your style, as this is another way for your host personality to shine through!



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