Why Every Airbnb Host Should Have a Guestbook

free tax todaySome Airbnb hosts wonder if a guestbook is worth the additional upfront investment and trouble.  First you have to buy the book, and then during turnovers you have to take time to ensure there are enough working pens, and that the previous guest didn’t write anything bad.

We have found that the guestbook is very much worth the trouble! While some guests do use it as more of a “suggestion” book, we just rip those sections out and it’s good to go. 

Guestbook comments allow guests to feel like they are in a community of travelers, and further personalizes the experience.  It drives home the point that this is not a big corporation, but a small business where the hosts are like family – it reminds people of happy times like when they are signing wedding guestbooks!  Guestbooks are also a great tool for your social media marketing.  A picture of a wonderful handwritten comment is way better than a 5star review.  You can choose the comments you feature depending on your target audience, such as a guestbook entry that details kid friendly amenities can be used to market to families.  Our guests also leave their recommendations for nearby restaurants and bars, so it is an additional way to share out information about your city.

Here is one of our favorite guestbooks from Amazon:

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.12.31 PM

(just click on the picture to see more details)

And here are some of our favorite guestbook comments:

IMG_7155 Chynna is a frequent flyer in our Airbnbs, and we are always happy to see her! She leaves the place super clean, and gives us a glowing 5 star review.  Love that she put, “one of your properties” in our guestbook – now other future guests will know that we have more than one option for them.  Thanks, girl!

IMG_7154The little girl that wrote that was just the CUTEST.  Although I only met this family because a bunch of sockets blew (100 year old wiring, ugh), I am glad that I got to hear their story.  Also, her entry highlights how family friendly we are!

IMG_7153 I didn’t get to meet these guests, but am so glad they mentioned the Easter egg hunt! It makes us as hosts feel like they are truly grateful for our extra effort, as well as informing future guests that we DO go out of our way to take care of them!

IMG_7152This is one of our favorite entries ever!! The couple got engaged in our basement, and they were just the cutest! They invited us down for celebratory drinks, and it was awesome to get to know them.  Happily ever after!


Another way to use a guestbook is to encourage guests to leave local recommendations.  We’ve had previous guests talk about specific nearby restaurants, which we can then pass on to our future guests through social media.

If you can find a guestbook that goes with your theme, even better! One of our houses is mid-century modern with teal accents, and we found the best matching guestbook for the coffee table.  At under $20, a guestbook is such a small investment that helps guests feel connected to your community!

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