Crowd sourced Airbnb hosting advice #1

Crowd Sourced Airbnb Hosting AdviceOne of the best things about being an Airbnb host is the hosting community that comes with it.  Once a month, I pose a question to my Airbnb Superhost Community.  This Superhost community has many years of experience, and between all of us we have seen hundreds of thousands of guests.

The first question I asked the group was about tips for newbie hosts:

“If you could go back in time to when you first started hosting, what advice would you give yourself?”

Here are some of the answers, grouped by category:


Lots of towels and extra sheets

Hit up consignment stores when you are first furnishing your Airbnb.  Things will get broken as people naturally won’t treat our stuff as their own.  Keep that in perspective as you are purchasing things

Good quality mattress and mattress protectors

A great shower head

Document the prices of your things. This will be handy when a damage happens.

Install security cameras outside.

 I wish I’d figured out to buy all the same sheets, not different colors and brands. Same with towels.

1. Glade fresheners though house. Smell is very important to make your house feel like an Oasis.
2. Have chargers in the room for both Android and Apple. People will be amazed.

Don’t over decorate with Knick knacks. Keep it simple and easy to clean.


Go to the community:…/ct-p/community-center. use the search function, there are great threads with great advice for new hosts. My advice is to study all the rules so you understand how Airbnb works.

Listing description and messaging

Be thorough with your house rules

Do all your correspondence via the airbnb platform.

Whatever you do – don’t oversell it in your description. Any disappointments by guests will end up hurting you in the long run.

Check your listing often-AirBnB changes things sometimes, and will add new categories for you to fill out

When looking at a potential guest’s reviews: if a previous host does not clearly state they would recommend a guest, that means they wouldn’t. So don’t accept their inquiry!


For pricing – be careful with smart pricing, that has never worked for me, it would have been way too little. Look at your competitors and price accordingly. Maybe a litte less in the beginning to get the good reviews and then up the prices (but don’t go too low, that sometimes draws guests you might not be happy with)

Never give a discount. Those guests turn out to be a nightmare

Never book or accept money outside of Airbnb


Strong backbone to stand up for yourself when inevitable scammers and irresponsible folks try to get one over on you.

Pay your taxes.  Keep track of all business receipts.

You will get there over time…it doesn’t have to be perfect initially!

I wish I had known how to relax those first 30 guests. I was so concerned something would fail, etc. I now have hosted hundreds of guests and I just relax and enjoy the experience of sharing our space. I have learned so much, made friends from other countries, and our lives have been so enriched.


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