How to Use Facebook to Increase your Airbnb Revnue

Using Facebook to up your Airbnb hosting GameFacebook is the largest social media network on the internet.  Plus, it spans all ages – everyone from my grandma (and her cat) to the teenager across the street has a Facebook page.

What better way to increase your occupancy than by advertising on Facebook? Airbnb hosts can use Facebook to market their Airbnb listings, as well as communicating recommendations and events easily to guests. 

Free Advertising

Family and friends: you likely have plenty of family and friends on Facebook that will help share your Airbnb listings.  It’s a ripple effect – you don’t know everyone on their friends list, so when they share your link it gets exposed to a whole new audience.  You never know who is going to want to travel to your listing.  We’ve gotten a few bookings from random people this way, like my mother-in-law’s coworker’s nephew.

Local events pages: If you have a big festival or sports event in your city, join the page and make a post with your listing information.

Local businesses: Tag nearby businesses in your posts, or ask permission to post your listing information on their wall.

Target audiences: Notice where your guests are traveling from, as well as your typical demographic.  For example, we frequently host families from one nearby city that come to visit our zoo.  So I joined that city’s mom Facebook group, and shared my listing link anytime someone asked for vacation recommendations.

Paid Advertising

You can pay to have Facebook “boost” your posts, but no data has really been done to show whether it is effective or no.  This would be a good idea if you are wanting to branch away from Airbnb and funnel people towards your own independent booking site.  However, we are happy paying the service fee to Airbnb for the platform and protections we get.  We mostly stick to the free advertising listed above.

Beyond Advertising

Facebook can be more than just a way to increase occupancy, it can actually be an extra amenity for guests.  Turning your Facebook page into an interactive experience will take more time and upkeep, but is still fairly simple to do.  Make sure guests know

We currently don’t have time to pursue this option, but would find it helpful if we were guests!  This is another good way to steer customers away from Airbnb, if that is your ultimate goal.


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