Airbnb Decorating Tip #1

beach wedding locationsSome well-placed, locally sourced art can elevate an Airbnb from mediocre to super. However, art is expensive.  So why not DIY? You can tailor the art to your space and theme, all while keeping costs low. This is the first in a series of posts designed to give you plenty of ways to make your Airbnb beautiful on a dime.

Airbnb Decorating Tip #1: Local Celebrities

Every city has their celebrities, either born and bred or just passed through.  Many celebrity pictures are available online for personal use, which luckily includes wall art.  This allows you to easily take the DIY option and create art on the cheap.

1. Pop Art

Find a simple picture of your celebrity that is easily recognizable, even iconic.  Change it to black and white for a clean slate.  Then adjust the picture to a bright color, and the simple background to a separate bright color for some contrast.  Hang six of these up in a collection.  Picture Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell’s soup can.

I made the picture below using Picmonkey.  They give you a 7 day free trial, and even then it’s very reasonably priced if you are going to be doing more of these kinds of things.

warren buffett

Warren Buffett is a famous investor from Omaha, and Berkshire Hathaway is a huge conference that brings in lots of tourists.  Anyone coming in for this event will recognize his face immediately!  This is something you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and you made it yourself for free.

2. Picture with Quote

Layer a quote over a photograph…a cross between sophisticated wall art and a meme. Some of the free places you can do this are Canvas and Picfont.

3. Minimalist Caricature

This works especially well when a celebrity has a unique physical feature.  Using a simple line, draw the outline of your celebrity – just a hint of who they are.


Type up a quote from a celebrity using an online service like Canvas or Picfont.  Play around with different fonts and arrangements until you find something you like.


Airbnb guests appreciate a local and unique touch.  Highlighting a celebrity from the area is an easy way to do this!


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