What New Airbnb Hosts Forget to Buy

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kVdDU1524603574If you’ve consulted with the ultimate Airbnb shopping checklist, you won’t have to worry about this problem! However, there are many new Airbnb hosts who don’t realize what they have missed until it is too late – and shows up as a negative in a guest review.  These items aren’t expensive, just overlooked…and small, thoughtful touches correlate to 5 star reviews.


TFW you buy a local bottle of wine and get it all the way back to the Airbnb without breaking it…and then have no way to open it!!  Most people don’t think to pack a wine opener for their travels, and I don’t know if it would make it past TSA anyways.


This is a common gripe amongst hotel travelers, especially when you need to have nice clothes, like for a business meeting or a wedding.  If a guest needs an iron, they will also need hangers.  The Airbnb plus regulations stipulate 8 hangers per closet, so keep that in mind as a guide.

Ice cube trays

If your fridge doesn’t have an ice maker, you need a way for your guests to make ice.  It gets annoying and expensive to keep purchasing it.  Bonus points if you buy an ice storage container and make a point to keep it stocked.

Pens and pencils

In this digital age, I don’t remember to buy pens for myself, much less my Airbnb guests.  However, when there is a guest that needs to write something down, they will be extremely appreciative! This is a great excuse to design customized pens with your listing name.  If one of those travels back with the guest, it doubles as both a souvenir and advertising.


It is hard to navigate around an unfamiliar environment, especially in the dark!  Strategically placed nightlights will help guide your guests and avoid stubbed toes. Consider the hallway right outside the bedroom doors, the bathroom, and the kitchen.  Nightlights are also a great selling point for families with kids.  Bonus points if they are unique and tie into your theme!  I like these nightlights because their dusk to dan sensor saves energy, and we don’t have to remember to turn them on/off.

Bedside table lamp (s)

Every room should have more than one main source of light.  Provide at least one table lamp for each bed, ideally you would have one on each side (for a total of two). These lamps are great because they are bright enough to do some light reading, don’t take up a lot of the nightstand, and come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Salt, pepper and other spices

Salt and pepper should be basic kitchen provisions, but once again these are often overlooked by new Airbnb hosts.  View these as another opportunity to tie into your theme! 

It is hard to cook anything of flavor without spices, and it is another thing you don’t typically travel with.  Guests shouldn’t have to buy a large container of garlic powder for a two night stay.  Get a simple starter set of spices for your kitchen.  They will last for a long time!

Different sizes of trashcans

Trust me, it is much easier for everyone when there is a place for guests to leave their trash.  You will need a small trashcan for each bedroom, a small one with a lid for the bathroom, a medium sized with a kid (bonus if it is step to open!) for the kitchen, and at least three large outdoor ones.  It’s also great to include a recycle bin, it helps guest feel environmentally responsible.

Don’t forget about different sized trash bags to go with them.  Trash clean up is much easier if all you have to do is change the lining, especially for icky items like you would find in bathroom trash cans.


None of these items are difficult to find and purchase, yet they are so often forgotten about when setting up a new Airbnb listing! All it takes is one satisfied customer to leave a 5 star review, and these items will have paid for themselves.


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