2 Steps to Writing the Perfect Airbnb Title

kJ97O1523210040You’ve done your research and have chosen the perfect location for your Airbnb, making sure it is full of all the amenities that make guests happy.  You have taken great pictures, and written a kick ass guidebook. Now it is time to tie it all together with the perfect Airbnb title. How do you write a good Airbnb listing title?  Luckily, you are only two steps away from having the best Airbnb title in your city.

1. Create a name for your specific listing.

This can come from the amenities you offer, your location, theme, or even your name.  You are creating a brand that you will continue to build through social media and other marketing.

You want to be able to say, “Thanks for staying at ________”.  You can’t say “Thanks for staying at Cozy 2 Bedroom Apt Close to Downtown”.

Here are some examples: The Sunflower Suite, Beachside Boho Apt, The Purple House, Pizza, Beer, and Baseball BNB, Mary’s Retro Retreat, The Traveler’s Paradise, Bike-lover’s Paradise, The Zoo House, Little Cabin in the City, Zen Temple…if you need some more inspiration, go onto Airbnb and search different cities/parts of the world and see what names appeal to you.

2. Add descriptions

After you have come up with your name, the rest of the title consists of specific descriptive words.  The descriptive words can come from your extra amenities, location, or target audience.  These words are prime real estate, so make sure they are unique and stand out from the crowd!  Use abbreviations when possible.  W/ for with, DT for downtown, Bkfast for breakfast

The basic equation goes:  Name – amenity + amenity + amenity

Here are some examples: Seashell Cottage – beach views + parking, Dog Lover’s Paradise – DT, yard, + gym, The Zoo House – fam + 5 min to zoo, The Purple Cafe – bkfast/coffee + hot tub, Cabin Love – 5 min walk to DT + garden

In place of the dash, you can put shapes like  ★ ♥ ♫  Just copy the shape you want and paste it into the listing.

Here are some real life examples:

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.00.03 PMA nest is small, safe, and cozy – the perfect name for a tiny house.  The only thing that might be better is if they included more specific descriptions.  The Nest – 2 min walk to Breweries (if there is a particularly famous one nearby, mention it by name).  The Nest – walk to Old Town & Breweries.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.07.37 PM

Here is another good title.  Although since it is a entire house and not a private room, I would change it to simply, The Wild Dandelion – bikes + 1 mile to Old Town

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.12.53 PM

This title doesn’t give potential guests any reason to click through the pictures.  The description says “Farm Stay” but we don’t get any more details about that.  What makes this a farm stay? Chickens? Goats? Fresh produce? Let the reader see this with your title. The Cheerful Chicken – nature + bikes, Willow Tree Farms – 1 mile from Old Town + views, Hiker’s Haven – 1 min to trail head + bkfast.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.25.33 PM

Who wants to stay in a stylish condo? Yuck. The listing states that there are open views to Library Park.  How about…The Library – scenic views + books, or Sunshine Vista – bikes + walk to DT.

Some other rules for a good title:

Be Original – do NOT include the following words: cozy, charming, comfy, renovated, luxury, convenient

Don’t be redundant – do NOT include the terms house, studio, apartment, bedroom…unless it is part of your branding name

Don’t use local slang. One of our houses is located in NoDO (north downtown Omaha), but travelers are not going to know that is anything special.

So in summary: 1. Make a name, 2. Add descriptions.  There you go!

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