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Do you want to learn how to become a successful, first-time host?  Or have you already mastered the basics, and want to learn how to become the best host in your city?  Whether you are just exploring the idea of becoming a host, are an established host and ready to step up your game, or have hit the successful hosting status and are looking for ways to expand your business – we have what YOU need to reach your hosting potential.

Our mission is to teach you exactly how to maximize your hosting revenue and create the ultimate side hustle.

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Read the Blog

Dive into the archives and find exactly the tools and concrete strategies you need to 10X your hosting income.  Here you will find over 100 articles about a variety of hosting topics and levels, including: money saving ideas, starting a cohosting business, personal income reports, tips and tricks, cleaning hacks, and much more.

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Learn the Basics

You’ve made the jump, and are ready to create your first listing! Whether you are a transitioning landlord or real estate newbie, these blog posts were written and ordered to take you from the initial research phase all the way through your first weeks of hosting.

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Enroll in a Course

We hope that you find our blog content valuable and useful to your business.  However, we have saved our most strategic and actionable tips for our online courses.  Our courses will teach you how to be a more efficient and profitable host, plus you will have access to a community of like-minded hosts to help you through any struggles and celebrate your financial independence victories.

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Download an eBook

If you are not quit ready to commit to a full length course, one of our eBooks is a great place to start.  We have downloadable eBooks available for new hosts, as well as more experienced hosts.

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Ask us a Question

There’s no such thing as a stupid question – right??  Of course not! If you have a question about hosting, then you can bet that other hosts do, too!  Between my own hosting experience and my client’s, I have seen almost everything. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions, because they can benefit everyone in our community.  Whether it is a specific situation you’re going through, or a general question about hosting, we can help!

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